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January 29, 2019cargarage0

The internet has democratized the access to better quality services regardless of where you live. The way we used to ask for recommendations is long behind in time and what we have to replace it is customer reviews. Read on and find out how to use the internet to find the perfect car garage for you.

Find the Right App/Website

There are many apps and websites that incorporate the search feature. In fact, it is a win-win situation with the owners of the places. If they don´t appear on the map, they would be losing clients and if the app/website´s database is larger, more people will be interested in using it. So, search in Google Play and also conduct a Google search to find the one that is best for your location.

It´s All About Ratings

Customer reviews, as opposite to a friend´s recommendation is objective. Anonymity given to people by internet allows them to be more honest about what they really think. This distance gives a sense of “protection” and it is possible to find true statements from customers that have actually used or purchased a certain product or service. Most pages will show you the verbatim about what happened and also an average that the, in this case car garage, got from all users who commented.

Negative Ratings

The one thing that you need to bear in mind is that, according to customer satisfaction studies, an angry customer is at least ten times more likely to comment and grade a place than a happy one. So, if a car garage has many positive reviews and stars, it means that the customers who went there are really happy with the outcome and hence, you should seriously consider it.

Remember to check the ratings and contribute by leaving yours.

Happy finding!


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