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March 14, 2019cargarage0

Checking regularly on your tyres pressure can help your vehicle track and also extend their life. It is very danger to drive with low tyre pressure. There are several ways of checking on tyre pressure, let´s review them and add some pro tips. Read on and find out everything you need to know about tyre pressure.

Visual Checking

This is the most common of them all: the visual checking of your tyres. It takes only a minute at the most; just take a walk around your vehicle and check to see any differences in the height of your tyres. Most people do it before they sit on the driver´s seat. You can even get close to them and give them a gentle kick to see if they are firm.

Check Pressure with a Tyre Pressure Gauge

Some people do this at the gas station (if there is an instrument available). Doing it every time you fill the tank is a great reminder. Even if your tyres work perfectly fine, ensuring the right pressure in every two to three months is recommended. In case you happen to be on the verge of a long journey, checking your tyres pressure is a definite must. If you prefer you can buy your personal tyre pressure gauge.

Visit a Professional

In case you check them often and notice some kind of pressure loss in one or several of them particularly, then you should go to see a professional for help. Even your spare tyre needs to be checked and it should have the right pressure at all times. Some experts recommend rotating the tyres on your car (the back to the front and vice versa) to ensure the even wear of them.


Checking on your tyres pressure every two to three months and before every long journey can extend their life cycle and also be a good security measure for you and your loved ones travelling in your car.


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