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April 1, 2019cargarage1

Image Source: UK Tyres

Performing wheel alignment on your car might be the key to extend the life of tyres by reducing tyre wear. It can also be considered a safety measure, since it prevents your car from pulling on one side. Read on and learn why you have to perform geometry checking on your vehicle today.

Back to factory standards

One of the main aims of geometry checking is to minimize the impact of time on your tyres and car. The more you drive your automobile, the more it tends to unevenly wear the tyres; geometry checking can get your car back to factory standards. This correction enhances safety and also makes your tyres last longer.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

An increasing amount of modern cars have built-in systems to aid the driver in certain maneuvers. Some examples can be lane-departure warning, traction control, adaptive cruise control and anti-lock brakes. The exactitude with which they operate can be affected by the lack of wheel alignment. To prevent that from happening, it is important to put the car through geometry checking. Also, after a mechanical alignment of the car, manufacturers ask for a reset on the systems to better accommodate that new wheel positioning.

How is it done?

A camera is attached to a clamp that is attached then to the wheel of the car. There are usually four cameras involved (one for each wheel) and they communicate with a central computer. This last computer calculates all physical distances and commands what physical changes have to be done to the vehicle.

Conclusion – Get a geometry checking for your car

For safety and to keep it in premium form for longer time, perform the geometry checking of your car.


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