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October 29, 2019cargarage2

Car fuel is a big decision to make before we purchase our vehicle, read on and make an informed, conscious decision.


The number one benefit of diesel cars versus all the rest is they are way superior in terms of fuel economy. On the other hand, diesel-car emissions are quickly becoming an issue in the UK, which might mean your investment may lose its value rapidly. Finally, the diesel-fueled engines are capable of producing huge amounts of torque for those who need it.


The number one type of manufactured car in the world is those running on petrol. The good thing about them is that they are initially cheaper than diesel and is very easy to get fuel for them everywhere in the world. On the other hand, their fuel economy is not as good as the diesel.


Hybrid cars are cars running on two engines. The most common combination is to use one engine for the lower speeds and the other for the higher speeds (electric and petrol or diesel respectively). Hybrid cars put less Carbon dioxide into the air and also make less noise than regular cars. On the other hand, they have a reduced battery life and cost more than regular cars.


Some electric cars can reduce Carbon dioxide emissions up to 80%. They are very cheap to move around (no petrol or diesel needed) and make less noise. On the other hand they are still a tad expensive, have reduced autonomy (100 miles average before recharging) and are not as powerful as petrol-driven cars.


These are all the possibilities you can aim to when choosing your new car. Which is the best one for you? Why does it adjust to your needs? We would love to read your reasons.



  • Timothy

    November 29, 2019 at 7:52 am

    Almost silent electric and hybrid cars put vulnerable road users at risk, especially children, the partially sighted and blind. With over 100 years of petrol and diesel engine sounding vehicles on our roads, people naturally react to the sound of an approaching vehicle or a horn being sounded. Keeping sounds we are used to hearing on UK roads makes the most sense when it comes to road safety and saving lives.


  • joe crennan

    January 28, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    All my life (I’m 58) I have wanted electric.
    ICE are barely an improvement on steam cars and horrible to work on.
    My electric lawnmower needs no maintenance in 15 years and immediately starts after being a 1/2 a year idle,
    It is an absolute no brainer other than initial cost.
    Range doesn’t matter – that’s merely luddite & emotional, neither of which I am.


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